English Language Arts Enrichment Programs

All Honors Review programs are aligned with the Common Core State Standard. The Common Core State Standard(CCSS) is the current educational standard for English and Mathematics from grades K to 12th in the United States. No matter what state you live in, if your child is enrolled in the public school system, he/she will have to pass a state-mandated test. New Jersey’s state-mandated test is called the PARCC Test. These test results largely determine your child’s education track including eligibility for advanced classes. Get your child on the right track! Enroll now in one of our enrichment programs.

The skills that students learn from these programs will better prepare them for college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT.


News Article Reading and Vocabulary (Grade 3-8):

As educators, it’s clear that critical reading skills take time and effort to perfect. We believe that teaching students from a young age to think and read critically will help them immensely in the present and future. Our News Article Reading and Vocabulary class is an English enrichment program comprised of news articles, classic literature, narratives, and informational texts as a means to teaching those critical reading skills all the while exposing students to current events and sophisticated vocabulary words. This class is usually offered during the Fall session.


Master Reading and Writing with PARCC (Grade 3-8):

The Master Reading and Writing with PARCC program is comprised of a variety of PARCC simulated practice tests accompanied by multiple choice questions, open-ended questions. The goal of this program is to increase students’ confidence in evidence reading and writing such that they may be well-prepared for PARCC and/or other standardized tests in their school. This class is usually offered during the Spring session.


Reading & Writing (Summer Program, Grade 1-8)

Honors Review’s Reading and Writing Summer program consists of fictional reading, creative writing, grammar workshops, and vocabulary worksheets. This program is an all-around Language Arts course that uses a collection of short stories to pose critical thinking questions and insightful writing prompts. Students are also encouraged and challenged to be involved in critical, educational discussions about the texts. Through this program, students will practice and learn how to analyze passages thoroughly and how to articulate their arguments based off of textual evidence. Lastly, the program provides a vocabulary workbook for every-day practice and memorization. Such daily reading and writing exercises are the stepping stones of confidence and achievement for your child’s educational goals!


Success English (Grade 8-10)

This course will strengthen students’ critical reading skill, grammar, logical reasoning skill, writing ability, and vocabulary knowledge. To excel on the SATs, students must become accustomed to reading sophisticated literature (both fiction and non-fiction), drawing logical conclusions from it, making connections between the ideas in it, and understanding its content on various levels. Not only will this improve scores on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT, it will also improve essay writing abilities. This class is as comprehensive as it gets. Through Success English, students will be exposed and challenged to various components of Language Arts. This class requires hard work and dedication, yet we can ensure that it will be thought-provoking and rewarding. If you would like to excel in your high school English class and/or begin preparing for the SAT, enroll in our Success English class today!

More About Success English:

Success English primarily focuses on non-fiction texts for reading comprehension. Most students struggle with non-fiction texts on standardized tests. The workbook Honors Review provides uses both long and short non-fiction passages, just like the SAT. The secondary focus of this course is grammar. The new SAT tests students’ knowledge of basic grammar rules. Interestingly, this is the primary concern of high school English teachers. To prepare students with grammar knowledge, they will work on sentence correction exercises similar to those that will appear on the new SAT. The third focus of this class is on essay writing. There will be a timed essay once a week with prompts similar to the ones on the new SAT. Moreover, Success English focuses on fictional reading comprehension. Students will analyze passages from a classic work of fiction and answer reading comprehension and open-ended questions about the text. Lastly, students will learn ten to twenty SAT vocabulary words in one class. All in all, this class will prepare students for the new SAT as well as enable them to succeed in high school English classes.