Reading Club (Grade 1-6)

Each student has a unique and valuable perspective. This is especially true when it comes to literary critiques. Honors Review assigns books that respected educators and top schools highly recommend, and have students answer critical thinking questions about the book’s mood, themes, characters, structure, and verbal style. Then we have students discuss their answers in a group setting. This encourages students to interact with the text and gain confidence as they defend their analysis of it. We want to teach students how to form an argument or a thesis and to defend it. This is a great program in preparation for 7th grade and up. If you want your child to develop a love for reading and the skills needed to critically read, enroll him or her in our Reading Club program today!

More About The Reading Club:

The foundation of this class is the novel. Third through sixth graders will read chapter books suitable to their reading level. Reading is done at home, but discussing the text is done in class using our own customized workbooks which include critical thinking questions, analytical activities, and vocabulary words. Students will be quizzed on vocabulary words throughout the course. In class, students answer discussion questions, participate in activities, and go over their vocabulary words. Students are assigned to write book reports for each book covered in class. Further reading, additional activities, and vocabulary will be assigned as homework, which is reviewed at the beginning of every class. Each novel takes roughly five to six weeks to complete.

Access Reading (Grade K-12)

Access Reading is purposed to motivate students to read by assigning enjoyable, relevant, and stimulating literature. Teachers will challenge students by asking thought-provoking questions about the plot, the characters, the author’s tone, and the style of the text while providing one-on-one sessions with each student during class and using computer-based quizzes. Access Reading is a great way to shape your child’s reading habits and increase the amount of time he or she spends reading. This program will help students manage their reading schedules and to clearly understand what they are reading.

Honors Reading Navigator (Grade K-12)

Reading is not a passive activity, but an active exercise! Our Reading Navigator program is designed to help students become an attentive reader. We want students to learn how to extract important information from a book, analyze the content, and make the content applicable. This class will give students the opportunity to read a variety of sophisticated fictional novels. Not only will students learn how to look for themes and analyze characters and events, but he or she will also become more comfortable with expressing him/herself with writing. In addition, as with all our English classes, these exercises will be accompanied by vocabulary assignments. If you would like to read and think more critically, articulate your thoughts and opinions well through writing, and grow your vocabulary, enroll in our Reading Navigator program today!

How It Works:

For home, students are given a book to read and finish in one week. The book is assigned in accordance to their grade level and reading level. Along with the book, students are given a corresponding worksheet and are instructed to write down unfamiliar vocabulary words a week in advance. The questions on the worksheet concern the novel’s setting, character analysis, conflict and resolution, and more. Students are also asked to summarize the story and to response to it. In class, students first take a computer-based reading comprehension test. Then, they are given a worksheet containing open-ended interpretive questions, Lastly, students apply the vocabulary words they did not know to a write complete sentences, or they will be quizzed on the vocabulary definitions.