SAT Test Preparation

SAT: Reasoning Test

Why choose Honors Review for SAT Prep?

  • Very efficient, up-to-date SAT tutorial materials
  • Highly qualified and experienced SAT tutors
  • Personal care and attention catered to each student

Would you like to help your child achieve his or her goals? Is there a college or university your child is aspiring to go to? Is your child having a difficult time preparing for the SAT test? The SAT has been known to be a difficult and challenging test, but with Honors Review’s top-quality SAT programs, we can certainly help your child achieve his or her goals. Honors Reviews teaches the fundamental skills required for the SATs while requiring and encouraging students to practice and master those skills. Not only do we teach the fundamentals, but we also go over test-taking strategies. All of our classes are taught by highly qualified and inspiring teachers with extensive teaching experience and expertise.

SAT Reading

Honors Review’s SAT Reading course is designed to prepare students for the Reading section of the SAT. Our SAT Reading course will broaden students’ vocabulary knowledge, enhance evidence-based and critical reading strategies, and expose students to well-written, informative, and thought-provoking literatures that are often found in the SAT. We guarantee your child will benefit from our practice tests and our passionate teachers who care about the advancement of their students. Sign up today to prepare your child for the reading portion of the SAT!

SAT Writing and Language

Honors Review’s SAT Writing course is designed to prepare students for the Writing section of the SAT. Our SAT Writing course will refine students’ grammar knowledge, aide students to write sentences properly, and challenge students to analyze essay prompts in a timely manner. Note that while the essay prompt is optional, it is required when applying to higher-level colleges. Considering that essay writing is a necessity far beyond the SATs, Honors Review’s SAT Writing course prepares students for the essay prompt. Students will learn how to write a compelling thesis, support it with evidence, maintain proper grammar, and incorporate creativity. Sign up today to prepare your child for the writing portion of the SAT!


SAT Math

The Honors Review’s SAT Math program is designed to prepare students for the Math section of the SAT. Our program teaches test-taking strategies and provides sufficient practice of crucial problems for our students. We also teach the core concepts found in the newly redesigned SAT Math test which include Data Analysis, Fundamental and Advanced Algebra, word problems, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. Other components to our Math program include lectures, individualized help sessions, and take home tests. Sign up today to prepare your child for the Math portion of the SAT!


SAT: Subject Tests

Many colleges value SAT Subject Test results. Achieving a high score on a SAT Subject Test can be the deciding factor as to whether or not your child is accepted into the college of his or her choice. These test results may also affect your child’s course selection and placement. These subject tests will only better prepare students in their educational career.

What Do the SAT Subject Test Classes Look Like?

In these SAT Subject classes, our instructors and teachers focus on explaining solutions to practice problems. Students will be provided comprehensive review with an ample amount of problems to practice with. It is important that students become familiar with different types of questions and learn to tackle as many as possible. The right type of practice will enable students to recognize short-cuts and various methods to solve any problem that may show up on the actual exam.

  • Math Level I and II
  • Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics


SAT Practice Lab

SAT Practice Lab is recommended for students who have completed the regular workshop classes. In this class, students will be taking weekly SAT practice tests and go over the test with a teacher. SAT Practice Lab mimics real life test conditions, proctoring students as if it is the actual SAT test day. This program enables students to become familiar with the SATs, and thereby, more confident during the actual day of the test. Sufficient practice and will help students to think clearly, stay focused, and be confident. Sign up today to prepare your child for the SATs!