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Power Writing
Power Writing (3rd- 12th Graders)
Does your child need help writing essays? Being able to write well-organized, persuasive, and detailed essays is one of the most important skills your child needs to succeed in school, and to succeed in life. Our Power Writing program offers your child the opportunity to work with an expert who will evaluate your child’s writing, and discuss the grammatical, structural, and creative strengths and weaknesses of his or her writing. This class is an intensive, one-on-one workshop on essay writing that will be tailored and adjusted to your child’s specific needs. Your child will get to train with one of our experienced writing instructors for a very low price, and will have the experience of writing an essay on a different topic every week. This is a great way for them to practice for the essay section now required on all statewide tests. Watch your child’s skills, confidence, and grades improve!

Writing Club (3rd -8th Graders)
Being able to write well-organized, detailed essays is one of the most important skills your child needs to succeed in school and standardized Tests. For this reason Honors Review is introducing a newly developed program called “Writing Club.” This class will teach everything your child needs to know about writing essays. This class is guided by our specially-made Honors Review writing workbook. Each class will be exposed to the three following genres: creative writing, expository writing, and persuasive writing. There is one workbook per genre and five lessons in each workbook. The book is filled with writing activities and factual information regarding the mechanics of essay writing, such as grammar, logic, and paragraph organization, among many others. Each class session will focus on one general essay-writing topic. Each lesson covers an important aspect of essay-writing, starting with the basics and then gradually increasing in complexity. By the end of the course, your child will have gone through the entire essay writing process step-by-step, writing various practice essays (and rewriting parts of essays, like opening paragraphs and conclusions, etc.) along the way.

Writing Clinic (7th-8th Graders)
Writing Clinic classes are designed to prepare students for SAT, starting at the Junior High School level. Our Writing Clinic classes focus on the writing portion of the SAT. The class targets 7th and 8th graders because we feel it is essential for students to develop good writing skills while in Junior High School.

Writing Clinic aims to improve the basics, such as grammar and punctuation, as well as more advanced aspects of writing, such as writing summaries, sentence structure, and paragraph organization. Each week students will analyze an essay that our staff has prepared. We intentionally create mistakes that will test the students’ ability to identify and correct the main grammatical rules the SAT will test: subject-verb agreement; pronoun reference; tense shifts; parallelism; dangling modifiers; idiomatic expressions; fragments, and others. The students must identify the grammatical flaws and rewrite the faulty sentences correctly. Then the student must look at the essay for flaws in logic, structure, and supporting evidence. Lastly, the student must rewrite the entire essay using his or her own approach.

Grammar Workshop (5th-10th)
In order to build a skyscraper you must first build a rock-solid foundation. Likewise, in order to write or speak well, you must have a firm grasp of grammar. Do you think your child has a solid foundation in grammar? This intensive program focuses on the fundamentals of grammar. We pay particular attention to the grammatical mistakes students make in their own writing. This comprehensive course will ensure your child’s success in English class and the world of professional writing (whether it is in the business world, the medical world, law, journalism, etc.). Your child will be way ahead of the other students in his or her grade in terms of grammatical knowledge and writing ability, as well he or she should be!

Our Grammar Workshop does not stop at just teaching grammar rules: it teaches sentence structure, usage, mechanics, vocabulary, spelling rules, and-the culmination of all this-essay composition. Each day the students will explore a new grammar lesson in the book, which will be accompanied by exercises to practice their newly-learned skills. Most classes will cover two to three grammar topics, beginning with the noun, and getting increasingly more complex as the workshop progresses. This class is comprehensive; the grammar topics covered vary widely, and yet each new lesson builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous lesson. At the end of every chapter, there is a cumulative chapter review, which serves as a test to measure a student’s progress in the class.

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