Fall & Spring Sessions

Honors Review Learning Center

The purpose of our education is to make up for the deficiencies of what students have learned in school, and to gain confidence by understanding what they have learned more fully through more interactive lessons.
English Classes:
Article Reading and Writing (3rd-8th), Success English (8th-10th),Writing Club (3rd-8th), Reading Club (1st-6th), Grammar Workshop(5th-10th), Power Writing (3rd-11th), Access Reading(K-12th), Reading Navigator (K-12th), etc.
Mathematics Classes:
SmartMath (3rd-5th), Honors Math (5th-12th), Math Workshops of Pre-Algebra(6th-7th), Algebra 1(7th-8th), Algebra 2(9th-10th), Geometry(9th-10th), Pre-Calculus(10th-11th), Calculus/ AP-calculus(11th-12th), etc.
SAT/ACT Preparation:
PSAT Prep, SAT Reading, SAT Writing and Language, SAT Math, ACT Mock Test and Explanation
Special High School Prep.
Bergen Academies/ Bergen Tech Prep., Private/ Catholic Schools, SSAT, ISEE, HSPT
AP Exam Prep / Math Contests/ CTY Exam Prep
AP Calculus AB/BC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AMC 8/10/12/AMIE, SCAT Test Prep,


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