Honors Review Learning Center
Company Overview
Honors Review Learning Center is dedicated to meeting the specific needs and goals of all students. Whether students are aiming to improve test scores, prepare for college, catch up in school, or get ahead, we provide a comprehensive selection of courses and advisors to help them reach any goal. For the past 27 years, education has been our business. During this time, we have re-evaluated, restructured, and redesigned our courses countless times to ensure that we provide the most updated materials and teaching methods for our students.
What our programs offer

Honors Review Learning Center values the importance of providing students with proper materials, effective problem-solving techniques, and a comfortable learning environment where they receive the personalized attention they deserve.

Research and Development
We have an excellent team of experienced teachers, professors, and researchers who work tirelessly to create high quality materials and courses to meet the evolving standards for success in today’s education system. Among our vast selection of specialized courses, a few of the most notable are: reading and writing intensive programs for younger grades, highly-effective test preparation courses, and personalized online discussion courses.
Instruction and Methods
Our instructors are well-acquainted with the proven methods for raising standardized tests scores. We provide a comprehensive learning experience for every grade level. Giving children an early start is crucial in directing them toward academic success. For lower grades, our unique curriculum ensures that students receive a solid foundation of basic concepts and critical thinking skills. For upper grades, the focus is on test preparation. We have compiled an extensive collection of sample tests with detailed explanations to familiarize students with the test they will be taking.
Personalized Attention
Our courses are designed with the individuality of students in mind. Classes are very small and conducted in an intimate setting to allow close interaction between students and teachers. We understand that although students in a particular class may be learning the same material, they each move at their own pace and have their own ideal methods of learning. With small class sizes, our teachers are able to focus on each student and cater to his or her specific needs to foster an effective and individualized learning environment.
Facilities and Network
Honors Review has set up a solid infrastructure uniting all locations and franchises as a collective unit that work together to achieve one common goal. Your child’s education is our number one priority, and as has been proven countless times, a child’s environment is the key to success. All of our locations provide comfortable surroundings that foster an atmosphere of learning. Complete with small classrooms, quiet study areas, and computers (state of the art computer labs at some locations), students are encouraged to utilize our facilities as an important resource for success. The backbone of our infrastructure is HRTMS. The Honors Review Total Management System is a web tool designed to connect all members of the Honors Review team with one another, as well as with students and parents. It runs on our very own server and through the use of centralized support, weekly online meetings, and instant feedback. All Honors Review locations stay up-to-date and informed about the most important issues concerning your child. Most importantly, parents can log on to HRTMS to stay in direct contact with Honors Review and view periodic updates about their child’s progress.
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